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Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas - Far from over

The hype and festivities have subsided and people seem to have forgotten we are still in Christmas celebration mode. The next celebration placed in front of people is the New Year.

Christmas is far from over and the joy of Christmas day should be carried on into the new year and beyond. I must admit, on a superficial level I feel a disappointment when Christmas day has gone as I enjoy the time it brings with my family and of course, the two Christmas dinners that I get to taste (my mums and Amy's mums) I won't tell you who's was the best.

I have to remind myself that we have entered the Christmas period and we need to keep the joy of the season. The mystery of the nativity is still very much and alive and the three wise men are on there way to honour the son of God as we should also be doing.

The preparation that we undertook in advent should also stay with us throughout our lives as we not only make ourselves ready for the coming of the son of God, but also for his second coming. I keep this in mind in all that I do so that I am aware my life needs to be ordered to God's will.

I do hope everyone continues to celebrate Christmas and enjoys it.

In God's love


Monday, 19 December 2011

Working Relationships

There is no doubt that honesty and encouragement are important when it comes to having an enjoyable and fulfilling work atmosphere. When we feel like somebody is holding something back from us it can lead to allot of worries.

I have experienced, recently, a lack of encouragement at my work which has lead, ultimately, to me being unsettled. All it would take is a regular piece of encouragement and I am a very loyal worker. Take the encouragement away and you may as well be working with a blindfold on, seeing no fruits of your work whatsoever. The atmosphere that is fostered at my work is a 'do as I say' atmosphere. I firmly believe the only way to work is through a 'do what you do, because you want to do it' atmosphere and this is where encouragement from the heart comes in. I, as a manager, understand that everyone has their different motivations. People have to want to work and if they are running scared from a strict manager, this will not help.

I find myself in a constant struggle, being a middle manager, to work with people who have totally different outlooks to myself. I want to be kind, encourage my staff and help them to find their motivation so that they can enjoy coming to work. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to deal with any situation where people don't put any effort in. The question has to be asked 'Why are they not doing this?', not, how can I discipline them.

Of course, generally, I should do as I am asked to do but I cant do this when it treads on the toe's of my firm beliefs and gets in the way of doing God's will. I will pray that the senior managers at my work can be open, honest and encourage the members of staff from the heart so that people can enjoy what tends to be the majority of their life.

In God's Love


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Interior Silence

The divine intimacy book that I have been reading throughout advent has some really powerful lessons within its pages.

The lesson that I read last night talks of a need to create an interior silence within our souls so that we can listen to God effectively. We are surrounded by so many distractions that leak into our minds and divert our attention from what is really important.

This interior silence will be a hard habit to create within myself as I always struggle to empty my mind and think of nothing but God. I see the benefit's though and will be trying to foster this. Practical ways include creating an exterior habit of silence by talking in a sensible way. That is, to say only what needs to be said and to listen to others rather than being ready to jump in with your own opinion.

Controlling our tongue is a difficult habit and by this I don't just mean stopping swearing. I mean curbing our rambling and anything that may offend. By listening to others we can learn to be able to listen to God in our souls and let him in. I am really aware that when I get carried away with talking, to the extent that I have talked about the same thing over and over again, I don't feel close to God and I feel a little empty.

By listening and responding in a short and appropriate way to anyone we speak to, we can become more aware of God's presence within ourselves and create this interior silence needed to listen to what God wants us to do. An intimate union with God is our goal and this is one of many steps to take in trying to achieve this.

Joyful Christmas to all.

In God's Love


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy Holidays - Get Real!!!!!!!!!!

May I start by hoping that everybody who reads this post has an extremely 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS'!!!!!!!!!

I have seen all sorts of hype around this new 'holiday season' over the years but unfortunately it's getting stronger. We are supposed to avoid upsetting people by saying happy holidays instead, so that we can include everybody. Tripe!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is welcome to be included in having a Happy Christmas anyway. We don't exclude anybody at all and neither does Jesus. Let's hope that this doesn't become a real political matter and that people can see sense. I/We respect all other celebrations in other religions and I have never met anybody from a different faith who it offends.

I have to say that if saying 'Happy Holidays' is a way to try and not offend people, it bloomin well does!!!!! I feel highly offended by this devaluation of our second most joyful celebration in the Christian calendar. It's Christmas and always will be. Fact. End. Nothing more to say. Rant over.

(and as a footnote, how would we ever begin to change all of the cheesy Christmas music that has been created over the years. 'It's HOLIDAY TIME' mistletoe and wine', 'WE wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAY and a happy new year'.)

In God's Love

Wishing you a Joyful Advent


Friday, 2 December 2011

The Dead Book

I have started visiting the graveyard in Hoyland on my lunch and praying for those who are buried there. At first I felt a little strange but now I am getting used to it The world around me seems to stand still while I pray and imagine what the lives of these people must have been like. The first few graves I have come across are married couples and I find this really moving. I pray that these people are united in heaven through the redemption they received when they married. I can feel that the ears of the most glorious Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary listen intently as I pray for these people who have died.

After praying today I walked straight to church where I ate my lunch in the porch and then went to sit in and pray. I prayed last night that I would know what to do in order to live in God's presence entirely. The image of the tabernacle was the first thing to flash into my mind and I knew that I needed to spend more time in church with Jesus. I can not believe I have never thought of doing this on my lunch as it is only 10 minutes walk.  I felt peaceful on my dinner break for a change and knew that I have to do that regularly.

I would be happy if people were to send me names of people who have died and been close to them, I have started my dead book as outlined in a previous post and will say the rosary for all in it on a regular basis.

In God's Love


Monday, 28 November 2011

Prepare For the Coming of the Son of God

Hopefully everyone is underway in their routine, preparing them for Christmas.

My preparation consists of no drinking alcohol throughout advent and extra prayer. I have started to read the divine intimacy book that I received from my parents and it is a great book for daily meditations throughout the year. I am also reading another book dedicated to advent and preparing for the birth of Jesus. I want to delve deeper and understand how the prophets felt in the old testament when waiting for the messiah. We are very blessed to live in the day's where we no longer have to wait. The kingdom of God is here and our salvation has been arranged. How would it have felt not to know about Jesus our saviour and just be waiting?

Advent will go very fast as usual and I really want to feel prepared this year. It is a joyous time but I am trying to foster a meditative approach leading up to Christmas so I can appreciate fully the birth of Jesus and all that the nativity means to us.


Lord Jesus Christ, build in our hearts a perfect preparation for the birth of our saviour. Let us come close to you and welcome you in to our homes as the guest of honour this Christmas. May this advent be a source of longing for you. Help us to pull you closer to us and set our hearts on fire for all that you have done for us.

In God's Love


Friday, 25 November 2011

Holy Souls

I usually go for a half an hour's walk on my lunch time and pass the cemetery in Wombwell on the way.

I decided to walk through the cemetery on Monday. On my way round I almost felt that the souls named on the headstone's were crying out for my prayers. This powerful moment has moved me to take action. I plan at least once a week to stop on my walk and pray for one of the souls that are named in this cemetery. I will say a short prayer over the grave and then dedicate the rosary to them on the rest of my walk.

I can really imagine that some of the souls may not have anyone praying for them and this really saddens me. I feel really excited about praying for them and so I have created a book which I will keep with me. The book will have all the names of the people for whom I have prayed. I will place all my fiends and family who have died in this book and, through doing this, I will never forget to pray for them.

Hopefully the Lord will strengthen me to keep doing this regularly and the Holy spirit will be with me in guiding me to undertake this in the right way.

Holy Souls in Purgatory, I am coming to pray for you!!!!!

In God's Love


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Whitby & Weekend

We share everything in our family, even a cold.

Now I actually like having a cold, which I know will sound strange but it makes me feel festive. Evelyn on the other hand doesn't like her first cold and is a little unsettled but still really good.

Unfortunately we had to miss our friend's babie's baptism's and I was really disappointed. I will say the rosary for them this week and hope that they grow up in God's love and become Saints. They have a good start if their parents are anything to go on.

We came back on Friday after spending a few days in Whitby which were brilliant. I visited St Hilda's church which doesn't seem to have changed since I was around 10. The weather stayed pretty good as well and lot's of amazing childhood memories came flooding into my mind as they always do when I visit Whitby. We are due to visit again in a couple of weeks for my Mum's birthday and I am already looking forward to that.

We visited a good friend Friday night, Father Wade who has been moved to St Bernadette's in Scunthorpe and it was great to see him after so long. He is a very kind man who is an excellent priest. The parishioner's in his parish are very lucky to have him.

In God's Love


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Weekend

The weekend started in a brilliant way. First on my agenda was a trip to see my spiritual director on Saturday morning. While Barnsley was still sleeping, I was making my way to Bradford to attend Mass, confession and then to see my SD. No better way to start the weekend.

After this I was in a rush to get back to Scunthorpe to play football, which turned out to be a nightmare.

We played against a team who really had no idea how to control their tongues. They are admittedly a better team than we are but they paid the price for a complete lack of discipline. I feel really sorry for the referee who is a really nice and honest gentleman but was told, in many different languages, where to go. He thankfully stood strong and sent the guys off that were swearing at him and threatening him. He told me after that one of the team had put his clothes in the sink and filled it with water and another had threatened to find out where he lived and hunt him down.

Now sometimes I can relate to a bit of passion boiling over in football but this team took it too far and I was ashamed to be playing in that match. Thank fully we won 3-2.

I am going to pray for that referee as he deserves much better treatment and lets hope that the team we were playing against look back on it and regret their actions.

In God's Love


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Preparation

Advent is rapidly approaching and I have been trying to find the best way to use advent.

Advent goes so fast and before we know it we have wasted this precious time. As I absolutely love Christmas and get so excited, I often find myself being disappointed when the day comes, which I really shouldn't be. I have to be really careful not to be dragged into the consumer Christmas which seems to grab everybody and suck them in including myself. Christmas is about one thing and prolonging it can make us neglect it as it end's up being out of our lives for only ten months at a time. We shop months in advance and play Christmas song's on the radio in early November.

This advent I am going to do my best to wait, patiently, no matter how much the anticipation builds. I will pray and fast and meditate upon the nativity to try and get a deeper reverence about the mystery of Christ's birth.

Lets try and appreciate this Christmas just as though we have never celebrated it before. Let's also remember to make Jesus our guest at the dinner table and in our homes this Christmas as it is his birthday, not ours.

In God's Love (and getting excited for Christmas as I type)


Friday, 4 November 2011

SPUC & Youth Group

Last night I attended the Rotherham branch's SPUC group which was excellent. The group just keeps growing and everybody is showing their support by popping out babies left, right and centre. This is the best example of supporting the pro-life cause and its truly amazing to be able to be surrounded by these people once a month (ish). Lets hope the group never stops expanding and that we can help our children to carry on the work that SPUC does when we are no longer able to do it.

Tonight it's the turn of the youth group in Wombwell and I am going to tell the children a little about St Francis. I am sure I will not do his amazing life justice but I will have a go.

In God's Love


Monday, 31 October 2011

Humility in Sin

Over the past few days I have become aware of a great humility that comes from sin. I don't think it means I am the most humble person that ever lived but thankfully its a natural humility that I recognise in the time after a sin is committed. An awareness of my failings makes them hurt me very much and it comes from turning away from God and knowing you have disappointed him.

Thankfully we have confession which is always needed. A good friend said to me tonight as words of comfort 'with the same old sins comes the same old forgiveness'. Obviously this isn't belittling God's ability to forgive as this is a supernatural gift beyond my understanding but I am amazingly grateful that our God is a merciful one. After sin I can recognize we turn away from God, but we need to turn back to him as soon as possible and admit our failings.

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, a poor sinner.

In God's Love


Thursday, 27 October 2011


Everyone is getting excited about Halloween and it seems to be bigger than ever this year. Friends are talking about what fancy dress they are going to wear when they go out drinking and parents are looking forward to taking their children trick or treating.

I really cant believe it. This so called festival is being celebrated far and wide and allot of people don't have a clue about the true relevance of it. Its another opportunity for a drink and usually I am not one to argue with that.

In society, certainly in my little world, it seems to be celebrated with the same lack of dignity that allot of people celebrate Christmas (which I actually cant wait for!!!). Lets be clear that certainly allot of our loved ones need praying for this Halloween so they can accept God's forgiveness if it's needed and be united with him in heaven.


Lord Jesus Christ, please give people the understanding of the importance of praying for the souls in purgatory and to the Holy Souls who are united with you. May the liturgical celebrations of the church come back in to the forefront of English society and may the souls in purgatory rest in peace and be united with you.


In God's Love


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

God's Presence

I am reading Scott Hahns book 'Signs of Life' and its jogged my memory about an important area of everyday life.

As a poor sinner I am acutely aware that I have to improve the condition of my soul through undertaking God's will and asking him for forgiveness. A key to avoiding temptations and living according to his will is living constantly in his presence. I have been aware for a couple of years how important this is and I continue to try and cultivate an unfailing awareness of his presence every minute of the day. This is a difficult habit to get in to and there are so many things in our lives that pull us away from the awareness of his presence. From TV to getting bogged down in work, it all distracts us from the awareness we should have and indeed, need.

I do believe, however, that this consistent awareness is possible to achieve and even at those times in work or when you undertake a consuming activity, we can still know that God is watching us and taking care of us. The more we feel God's presence, the more his work, through the Holy Spirit, becomes obvious to us. We can see the times when he helps us or when we are about to fall into temptation and knowing his presence pulls us back in to his radiance so that we can resist our sinful natures.

I will be continually working on feeling his presence just as the Saints did and hope that this will improve my Spiritual life.

In God's Love


Monday, 24 October 2011

Padley Martyrs

On Saturday, Amy, Evelyn and I went to Padley where the Vocations director (of the Nottingham Diocese) Father Matthew Jakes celebrated mass on the Altar stone where Saint Nicholas Garlick and Saint Thomas Ludlam celebrated mass before they were hung, drawn and quartered for professing the Catholic faith during the reformation. Father Jakes talked about the small sufferings that priests are called to make in these present times and how these martyrs are such amazing examples for us all.

It was a privilege to pray to the martyrs at such a magnificently humble location. Padley is a really gorgeous place and we had a walk up the gorge alongside the stream and the weather stayed perfect for it.

The mass was celebrated and offered for vocations to the priesthood of which there were a few potentials among the congregation. Such a wonderful calling by God may be answered by some of these special chosen few and I pray for them that they will find their way to doing God's will, whatever they choose to do.

In God's Love


Friday, 21 October 2011

Lack of Understanding

In most situations I would say that I have an opinion of some sort but I think there really has to be some sort of thought before you actually type/speak or present it to someone. We have to check that our information is correct. Unfortunately there are an abundance of people out there that have no understanding of the Catholic church's teachings and yet, choose to make some sort of belittling comment about it's history or something of it's present. I am specifically aiming this at people who leave their comments at the bottom of online news stories.

Unfortunately it takes a little time to read and delve deeper into the Catholic faith and these people refuse to do so. They have their opinions fed to them by the media and other biased sources who have soaked their minds with anti-Catholic waffle.

To you people out there, I pray for you and at the same time say a huge ' SHUT UP'. My mother told me to think before I speak (I am sure she also meant before I typed) so please take this lesson from my mother. If you now feel patronised, you should do.

I also say, come and join us and feel the love that comes from the Holy Spirit.

In God's Love


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Forgive and Forget' not 'Blame and Claim'

Having just received a letter confirming that I was mis-sold PPI insurance with a loan I took out some years ago and with a final settlement figure, I was happy to see that I have now received back a bit of cash that I was forced into paying 6 years ago.

However, the blame and claim culture that we now have shocks me. People lie and claim that injury's are worse than they are or just lie altogether and claim that something happened when it didn't. This surely is not that way we should be repaying God's forgiveness by wrongfully suing others and trying to get hold of their money. The new attitude means that when the slightest injury is caused to us we suddenly think of pound signs don't use these situations as an opportunity to show patience, kindness and forgiveness.

I am not saying it is always wrong but it's a system that is enormously abused and we should always think of these things with our spiritual thinking hats on. Maybe ,when the occasion arises, we could change the 'Blame and Claim' slogan and make it our own to be an example in proclaiming God's glory by 'Forgiving and Forgetting'.

In God's Love


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Direction??????

I have been thinking for some time now of setting the wheels in motion to train up to become an RE teacher in a Catholic school.

After having an appraisal at work last week I do not feel as invigorated with work as I once did. Having climbed the ladder up to management there is allot of progression to be made but do I want it??? For now this job is an excellent income for my family and this must be my first priority but is it the will of God that I should stay here for another 5-10 years?? I think not.

I will be contacting Maryvale soon to see what my options are and will keep you posted.

In God's Love


Friday, 14 October 2011

SPUC Event

My wife, baby Evelyn and I are going to venture out tonight to a Kaylee in order to support SPUC, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

We are supporters of the charity who do some great work. The Rotherham branch is full of amazing people who donate so much of their valuable time to SPUC. Although I am not the best dancer we thought we should support the event and maybe I might even find a glass of red wine while I am there. There is no doubt in my mind that SPUC work is God's work and I pray for all the members of the charity and people who are kind enough to donate their time. Well done to you all!!!!! You are legends.


Lord Jesus Christ bless these generous people who give their time to support SPUC, may you grant each one of them your grace so that they may have the strength to fight this difficult battle. May we also ask that people who oppose SPUC's work may see it for what it really is and may have their eyes opened to the suffering that SPUC opposes.

In God's Love


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Faith in the Office

Working as a manager in an office presents allot of challenges with all the office politics, arguments and poor standards of work that CAN come with undertaking this responsibility. Thankfully all of these situations can be a great opportunity to live out our faith. Having said that I often wave at an opportunity as it passes me by.

I am always aware that as a line manager people are always quick to follow your example and it's amazing the amount of influence you can have over your members of staff (I am also aware of how slow people can be to follow certain things depending on their nature).  This influence is a powerful thing when it's being mixed with faith and I can notice times when I have voiced an opinion that comes directly from my faith and people happily go with it (I wonder what they would think if they knew this). In the office that I work in there is no swearing/crudities and people are open to talking about God which is unfortunately a luxury in the days we live in. People ask me questions and seem to have a respect for the Catholic faith although from time to time you still get the odd misguided and misinformed goon.

Not only do I have a great responsibility in being a manager but the responsibility in my eyes stretches beyond that. I have to live out my faith and be this example for others in God's name.

In God's Love


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Spiritual Warfare in Normality

Spiritual warfare is a fairly new term to me but one that really gets me motivated to do God's will in order that I am not a slave to sin.

When we think of warfare it usually conjures up some sort of 'Saving Private Ryan' heroic moment where somebody is remembered and goes down in history as being a legend. Spiritual warfare however is different but with a much better and glorious outcome. Our chances to be involved in this spiritual warfare are frequent and as my SD told me 'we are on the front line'. Our chances come not in a heroic and historical way (unless you are chosen to be a Saint and example, by God) but through the everyday actions we undertake and the way we undertake them.

My example at the moment is with impatience. My battle is being fought with impatience and each time I feel this way I have to take up my spiritual sword and shield and give that impatience some welly. This manifests its self with me showing outwards signs of patience and accepting the small amount of suffering it may cause me on the inside.

Lets take the example of the 'Little Flower' and pick up our spiritual swords in our everyday, mundane and annoying tasks and say ' I am going to fight the snares that the devil will lay for me and come out victorious all for the Glory of God'

In God's Love


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Purchase

My wife saw this magazine on Fr Finigans blog and purchased it. Sounds really interesting and I will look forward to reading it. I will let you know what its like.

In God's Love


Monday, 10 October 2011

The Net of Youth

I attended a meeting tonight with three other leaders who are facilitating a youth group. We come back to the question ' how do we attract the youth to the church' indeed how do we take part in fulfilling our apostolic duties in this way?

My spiritual director, in my opinion, has got it right..

The youth group meet once a month to play games. We are trying to incorporate the spiritual life into the youth group. My SD advised me to do a short talk before each youth group session on some part of our faith that children would find interesting and I can tell you I am not short of ideas. We need to draw on parts/truths of our faith that capture their imaginations and bring about powerful imagery in their minds. Children will find the lives of the Saints and the history of the church interesting presented to children in the right way. We have the most wonderful history to draw upon to capture their souls and draw them close to God where they all, of course, yearn to be.

Lets hope the first session can be inspiring, although I have to prepare it still. Any ideas?

In God's Love


Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Participation in Consumerism

My first and last visit to the white rose shopping centre took place earlier. Now on reflection this should not be a regular Sunday activity as the fact of Christs sacrifice pails into insignificant as people get lost in the world of spend, spend, spend. Of course I took part in this but an awareness of its inappropriate nature will make me think twice before venturing out into this fight to spend more money than we have. An excursion on a Sunday I am sure is a good thing with your family but this just loses the point and their is no resting in God's presence in this environment.

However, a father of the church (Asterius of Amasea) tells us that 'If we struggle with covetous, instead of accumulating everything, we should just enjoy the sights in the market without buying. It would be better to get rid of your covetous altogether, but at least a little window shopping wont take away anything from anyone else'

If you would like to see the full sermon let me know and I will send it to you.

In God's Love


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Spiritual Direction

I have just arrived back from an appointment with my spiritual director after taking up far too much of his valuable time. We talked about many things which I will speak about over the next week. Mass, confession then a spiritual direction session was the order of the day. I now feel invigorated in my fight with sin and hopefully can improve spiritually from the advice and prayers that I have been given. I would urge everybody to find a spiritual director and lets all find our way to full communion with the Lord. We need help along the way and somebody to hold the torch for us to light the areas we cannot see.

A miserable day (weather) has been made great by the tools I have received to help me with my spiritual warfare. I would love to hear other peoples experiences of spiritual direction.

In God's Love


Friday, 7 October 2011

The Holy Family Aspiration

Now I know that everybody has dreams and aspirations to do big things in life. I really think that my aspirations, although unatainable, are a million times more amazing than wanting to be a top actor or footballer. I used to want to be these by the way.

Now I find myself alone, looking at a picture of the holy family in my living room and thinking ' If i could just be one millionth as holy or imitate them as much as is possible in my life then I would be overjoyed. The holy family collectivley represent a unity so unbreakable that has been moulded by God. Joseph the worker, Mary the immaculate and Jesus the son of the living God. Maybe I set my goals a little high. Or maybe I just want them to be close to me in my daily family life, to give me the grace to please God through our family and be open to the will of God just as Mary and Joseph were when accepting this will so openly with so much trust.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Pray for us.

In God's Love


Distraction or Rest

I am finding it difficult to discern what activities in my life are harmful and what activities are good for my soul. I understand that playing on my xbox or playstation for hours on end is only a distraction from prayer and intimacy with God but some things are a little harder to discern. For example, I watch allot of football on TV. Should I spend this time in prayer? Is this harmful to my soul?.

I watch football because I enjoy it. Is this good or bad? Just because I enjoy something it doesn't always mean I should do it. Its a challenge for us all trying to decide what is harmful to our souls and what is helpful.

What do you think?

In God's Love


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Divine Intimacy

The above book is a present from my parents. I cant wait to get started on it at the beginning of advent. This book is sure to increase the depth of my spiritual life and bring me closer to Jesus. I will speak more about this book when I take part in its daily meditations at the beginning of advent. Recommended by Fr John Cahill.

In God's Love

Prayer for Visitors

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to bless all the people who visit this blog that they may know you better and love you. May your light be in their lives and the holy spirit guide them in whatever they do.


In Gods Love


Lack of Sleep

My wife is suffering more than me today. With less than 4 hours sleep (newborn related) I have come to work and I have had my fair share of the sleep. Its a difficult time with a new born but I keep praying that Jesus will give us the strength to get through it by offering up our difficult times for the sake of the souls in purgatory and give us the strength to love each other through all the tiredness and impatience.

In Gods Love


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Young Catholic

I haven't mentioned this. It's important to the future of the Young Catholic Blog spot and should be said before I cant really put the 'Young' before 'Catholic'.

My name is Samuel Sheridan-Garrity, I am 27 and live in Barnsley, England. I live with my wife and 8 week old Daughter. Amy and Evelyn. I have been a practising Catholic since I was baptised as a child but have only recently come into what I would call a spiritual renewal.

The idea behind the blog is to update and talk about what it means to be a young Catholic. I don't presume to know anything and I think that this is what makes the blog interesting. You decide!!!!!

I want to talk about everyday experiences and hope people can follow and comment on these.

Please pray for me.

In God's Love


Spiritual Direction

The week is slowly moving towards Saturday which is my second spiritual direction appointment. Father Brown of the University of Bradford has been charged with the difficult task of helping me with my soul. Confession is making me nervous, as it should and I am hoping to make some new resolutions as I have not really achieved the forward movement in my spiritual life that I was hoping for.

A spiritual director is really a help and keeps my focus on what I have to talk about and the difficulties I am facing. Father Brown is really an excellent priest who is taking this responsibility seriously. Lets hope I can keep strong to resist temptations and make strides in deepening my faith.

In God's Love


Monday, 3 October 2011

The Young Catholic

This blog simply is about the challenges and daily life of a young Catholic and all that's involved. I hope everyone can relate to and find some interest from the young Catholic. Please Keep watching for updated posts.

In God's Love