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Friday, 7 October 2011

Distraction or Rest

I am finding it difficult to discern what activities in my life are harmful and what activities are good for my soul. I understand that playing on my xbox or playstation for hours on end is only a distraction from prayer and intimacy with God but some things are a little harder to discern. For example, I watch allot of football on TV. Should I spend this time in prayer? Is this harmful to my soul?.

I watch football because I enjoy it. Is this good or bad? Just because I enjoy something it doesn't always mean I should do it. Its a challenge for us all trying to decide what is harmful to our souls and what is helpful.

What do you think?

In God's Love



  1. Hi Sam, I feel enjoying something is not wrong, in this case football. Football becomes a sin when our Passion for it increases, and when the time and energy used in its pursuit overtakes or even replaces the space for God in our lives.

  2. Listen! You're a young dude with a family and a job, you deserve downtime - you're not a monk! You go right ahead and play all that X box stuff and watch the footie! The time will come in your life when it will cease to satisfy you and you will follow the Master where he leads you in discipleship. Then you will not need to ask yourself such questions. If you want some clarity at this stage, check out The First Principle and Foundation on this page for personal meditation:

    Just work hard, say a few prayers, have fun, be nice to people (as you do!) and look after the missus, your baby and all the others that will come along!

    Nice blog!