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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Faith in the Office

Working as a manager in an office presents allot of challenges with all the office politics, arguments and poor standards of work that CAN come with undertaking this responsibility. Thankfully all of these situations can be a great opportunity to live out our faith. Having said that I often wave at an opportunity as it passes me by.

I am always aware that as a line manager people are always quick to follow your example and it's amazing the amount of influence you can have over your members of staff (I am also aware of how slow people can be to follow certain things depending on their nature).  This influence is a powerful thing when it's being mixed with faith and I can notice times when I have voiced an opinion that comes directly from my faith and people happily go with it (I wonder what they would think if they knew this). In the office that I work in there is no swearing/crudities and people are open to talking about God which is unfortunately a luxury in the days we live in. People ask me questions and seem to have a respect for the Catholic faith although from time to time you still get the odd misguided and misinformed goon.

Not only do I have a great responsibility in being a manager but the responsibility in my eyes stretches beyond that. I have to live out my faith and be this example for others in God's name.

In God's Love


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