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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Forgive and Forget' not 'Blame and Claim'

Having just received a letter confirming that I was mis-sold PPI insurance with a loan I took out some years ago and with a final settlement figure, I was happy to see that I have now received back a bit of cash that I was forced into paying 6 years ago.

However, the blame and claim culture that we now have shocks me. People lie and claim that injury's are worse than they are or just lie altogether and claim that something happened when it didn't. This surely is not that way we should be repaying God's forgiveness by wrongfully suing others and trying to get hold of their money. The new attitude means that when the slightest injury is caused to us we suddenly think of pound signs don't use these situations as an opportunity to show patience, kindness and forgiveness.

I am not saying it is always wrong but it's a system that is enormously abused and we should always think of these things with our spiritual thinking hats on. Maybe ,when the occasion arises, we could change the 'Blame and Claim' slogan and make it our own to be an example in proclaiming God's glory by 'Forgiving and Forgetting'.

In God's Love


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  1. Good point well made.

    We're discussing forgiveness at the Community of Catholic Bloggers here:

    God bless.