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Friday, 7 October 2011

The Holy Family Aspiration

Now I know that everybody has dreams and aspirations to do big things in life. I really think that my aspirations, although unatainable, are a million times more amazing than wanting to be a top actor or footballer. I used to want to be these by the way.

Now I find myself alone, looking at a picture of the holy family in my living room and thinking ' If i could just be one millionth as holy or imitate them as much as is possible in my life then I would be overjoyed. The holy family collectivley represent a unity so unbreakable that has been moulded by God. Joseph the worker, Mary the immaculate and Jesus the son of the living God. Maybe I set my goals a little high. Or maybe I just want them to be close to me in my daily family life, to give me the grace to please God through our family and be open to the will of God just as Mary and Joseph were when accepting this will so openly with so much trust.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Pray for us.

In God's Love


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