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Friday, 21 October 2011

Lack of Understanding

In most situations I would say that I have an opinion of some sort but I think there really has to be some sort of thought before you actually type/speak or present it to someone. We have to check that our information is correct. Unfortunately there are an abundance of people out there that have no understanding of the Catholic church's teachings and yet, choose to make some sort of belittling comment about it's history or something of it's present. I am specifically aiming this at people who leave their comments at the bottom of online news stories.

Unfortunately it takes a little time to read and delve deeper into the Catholic faith and these people refuse to do so. They have their opinions fed to them by the media and other biased sources who have soaked their minds with anti-Catholic waffle.

To you people out there, I pray for you and at the same time say a huge ' SHUT UP'. My mother told me to think before I speak (I am sure she also meant before I typed) so please take this lesson from my mother. If you now feel patronised, you should do.

I also say, come and join us and feel the love that comes from the Holy Spirit.

In God's Love


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