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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Net of Youth

I attended a meeting tonight with three other leaders who are facilitating a youth group. We come back to the question ' how do we attract the youth to the church' indeed how do we take part in fulfilling our apostolic duties in this way?

My spiritual director, in my opinion, has got it right..

The youth group meet once a month to play games. We are trying to incorporate the spiritual life into the youth group. My SD advised me to do a short talk before each youth group session on some part of our faith that children would find interesting and I can tell you I am not short of ideas. We need to draw on parts/truths of our faith that capture their imaginations and bring about powerful imagery in their minds. Children will find the lives of the Saints and the history of the church interesting presented to children in the right way. We have the most wonderful history to draw upon to capture their souls and draw them close to God where they all, of course, yearn to be.

Lets hope the first session can be inspiring, although I have to prepare it still. Any ideas?

In God's Love


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