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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Direction??????

I have been thinking for some time now of setting the wheels in motion to train up to become an RE teacher in a Catholic school.

After having an appraisal at work last week I do not feel as invigorated with work as I once did. Having climbed the ladder up to management there is allot of progression to be made but do I want it??? For now this job is an excellent income for my family and this must be my first priority but is it the will of God that I should stay here for another 5-10 years?? I think not.

I will be contacting Maryvale soon to see what my options are and will keep you posted.

In God's Love


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  1. Excellent idea. With your management experience I would hope to see you heading a Catholic school at some point too. We very much need committed, devout and orthodox people in these positions for the sake of the schools and more importantly the souls of our children.