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Monday, 24 October 2011

Padley Martyrs

On Saturday, Amy, Evelyn and I went to Padley where the Vocations director (of the Nottingham Diocese) Father Matthew Jakes celebrated mass on the Altar stone where Saint Nicholas Garlick and Saint Thomas Ludlam celebrated mass before they were hung, drawn and quartered for professing the Catholic faith during the reformation. Father Jakes talked about the small sufferings that priests are called to make in these present times and how these martyrs are such amazing examples for us all.

It was a privilege to pray to the martyrs at such a magnificently humble location. Padley is a really gorgeous place and we had a walk up the gorge alongside the stream and the weather stayed perfect for it.

The mass was celebrated and offered for vocations to the priesthood of which there were a few potentials among the congregation. Such a wonderful calling by God may be answered by some of these special chosen few and I pray for them that they will find their way to doing God's will, whatever they choose to do.

In God's Love


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