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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Participation in Consumerism

My first and last visit to the white rose shopping centre took place earlier. Now on reflection this should not be a regular Sunday activity as the fact of Christs sacrifice pails into insignificant as people get lost in the world of spend, spend, spend. Of course I took part in this but an awareness of its inappropriate nature will make me think twice before venturing out into this fight to spend more money than we have. An excursion on a Sunday I am sure is a good thing with your family but this just loses the point and their is no resting in God's presence in this environment.

However, a father of the church (Asterius of Amasea) tells us that 'If we struggle with covetous, instead of accumulating everything, we should just enjoy the sights in the market without buying. It would be better to get rid of your covetous altogether, but at least a little window shopping wont take away anything from anyone else'

If you would like to see the full sermon let me know and I will send it to you.

In God's Love


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