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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Spiritual Warfare in Normality

Spiritual warfare is a fairly new term to me but one that really gets me motivated to do God's will in order that I am not a slave to sin.

When we think of warfare it usually conjures up some sort of 'Saving Private Ryan' heroic moment where somebody is remembered and goes down in history as being a legend. Spiritual warfare however is different but with a much better and glorious outcome. Our chances to be involved in this spiritual warfare are frequent and as my SD told me 'we are on the front line'. Our chances come not in a heroic and historical way (unless you are chosen to be a Saint and example, by God) but through the everyday actions we undertake and the way we undertake them.

My example at the moment is with impatience. My battle is being fought with impatience and each time I feel this way I have to take up my spiritual sword and shield and give that impatience some welly. This manifests its self with me showing outwards signs of patience and accepting the small amount of suffering it may cause me on the inside.

Lets take the example of the 'Little Flower' and pick up our spiritual swords in our everyday, mundane and annoying tasks and say ' I am going to fight the snares that the devil will lay for me and come out victorious all for the Glory of God'

In God's Love


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