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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Young Catholic

I haven't mentioned this. It's important to the future of the Young Catholic Blog spot and should be said before I cant really put the 'Young' before 'Catholic'.

My name is Samuel Sheridan-Garrity, I am 27 and live in Barnsley, England. I live with my wife and 8 week old Daughter. Amy and Evelyn. I have been a practising Catholic since I was baptised as a child but have only recently come into what I would call a spiritual renewal.

The idea behind the blog is to update and talk about what it means to be a young Catholic. I don't presume to know anything and I think that this is what makes the blog interesting. You decide!!!!!

I want to talk about everyday experiences and hope people can follow and comment on these.

Please pray for me.

In God's Love


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