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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Preparation

Advent is rapidly approaching and I have been trying to find the best way to use advent.

Advent goes so fast and before we know it we have wasted this precious time. As I absolutely love Christmas and get so excited, I often find myself being disappointed when the day comes, which I really shouldn't be. I have to be really careful not to be dragged into the consumer Christmas which seems to grab everybody and suck them in including myself. Christmas is about one thing and prolonging it can make us neglect it as it end's up being out of our lives for only ten months at a time. We shop months in advance and play Christmas song's on the radio in early November.

This advent I am going to do my best to wait, patiently, no matter how much the anticipation builds. I will pray and fast and meditate upon the nativity to try and get a deeper reverence about the mystery of Christ's birth.

Lets try and appreciate this Christmas just as though we have never celebrated it before. Let's also remember to make Jesus our guest at the dinner table and in our homes this Christmas as it is his birthday, not ours.

In God's Love (and getting excited for Christmas as I type)


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