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Friday, 25 November 2011

Holy Souls

I usually go for a half an hour's walk on my lunch time and pass the cemetery in Wombwell on the way.

I decided to walk through the cemetery on Monday. On my way round I almost felt that the souls named on the headstone's were crying out for my prayers. This powerful moment has moved me to take action. I plan at least once a week to stop on my walk and pray for one of the souls that are named in this cemetery. I will say a short prayer over the grave and then dedicate the rosary to them on the rest of my walk.

I can really imagine that some of the souls may not have anyone praying for them and this really saddens me. I feel really excited about praying for them and so I have created a book which I will keep with me. The book will have all the names of the people for whom I have prayed. I will place all my fiends and family who have died in this book and, through doing this, I will never forget to pray for them.

Hopefully the Lord will strengthen me to keep doing this regularly and the Holy spirit will be with me in guiding me to undertake this in the right way.

Holy Souls in Purgatory, I am coming to pray for you!!!!!

In God's Love


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  1. Excellent post, you have inspired me! When I pray for you and your intentions I will remember the Holy Souls for whom you are praying too. Please do the same for me. God bless and thanks for your devotion.