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Monday, 28 November 2011

Prepare For the Coming of the Son of God

Hopefully everyone is underway in their routine, preparing them for Christmas.

My preparation consists of no drinking alcohol throughout advent and extra prayer. I have started to read the divine intimacy book that I received from my parents and it is a great book for daily meditations throughout the year. I am also reading another book dedicated to advent and preparing for the birth of Jesus. I want to delve deeper and understand how the prophets felt in the old testament when waiting for the messiah. We are very blessed to live in the day's where we no longer have to wait. The kingdom of God is here and our salvation has been arranged. How would it have felt not to know about Jesus our saviour and just be waiting?

Advent will go very fast as usual and I really want to feel prepared this year. It is a joyous time but I am trying to foster a meditative approach leading up to Christmas so I can appreciate fully the birth of Jesus and all that the nativity means to us.


Lord Jesus Christ, build in our hearts a perfect preparation for the birth of our saviour. Let us come close to you and welcome you in to our homes as the guest of honour this Christmas. May this advent be a source of longing for you. Help us to pull you closer to us and set our hearts on fire for all that you have done for us.

In God's Love


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