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Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas - Far from over

The hype and festivities have subsided and people seem to have forgotten we are still in Christmas celebration mode. The next celebration placed in front of people is the New Year.

Christmas is far from over and the joy of Christmas day should be carried on into the new year and beyond. I must admit, on a superficial level I feel a disappointment when Christmas day has gone as I enjoy the time it brings with my family and of course, the two Christmas dinners that I get to taste (my mums and Amy's mums) I won't tell you who's was the best.

I have to remind myself that we have entered the Christmas period and we need to keep the joy of the season. The mystery of the nativity is still very much and alive and the three wise men are on there way to honour the son of God as we should also be doing.

The preparation that we undertook in advent should also stay with us throughout our lives as we not only make ourselves ready for the coming of the son of God, but also for his second coming. I keep this in mind in all that I do so that I am aware my life needs to be ordered to God's will.

I do hope everyone continues to celebrate Christmas and enjoys it.

In God's love


Monday, 19 December 2011

Working Relationships

There is no doubt that honesty and encouragement are important when it comes to having an enjoyable and fulfilling work atmosphere. When we feel like somebody is holding something back from us it can lead to allot of worries.

I have experienced, recently, a lack of encouragement at my work which has lead, ultimately, to me being unsettled. All it would take is a regular piece of encouragement and I am a very loyal worker. Take the encouragement away and you may as well be working with a blindfold on, seeing no fruits of your work whatsoever. The atmosphere that is fostered at my work is a 'do as I say' atmosphere. I firmly believe the only way to work is through a 'do what you do, because you want to do it' atmosphere and this is where encouragement from the heart comes in. I, as a manager, understand that everyone has their different motivations. People have to want to work and if they are running scared from a strict manager, this will not help.

I find myself in a constant struggle, being a middle manager, to work with people who have totally different outlooks to myself. I want to be kind, encourage my staff and help them to find their motivation so that they can enjoy coming to work. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to deal with any situation where people don't put any effort in. The question has to be asked 'Why are they not doing this?', not, how can I discipline them.

Of course, generally, I should do as I am asked to do but I cant do this when it treads on the toe's of my firm beliefs and gets in the way of doing God's will. I will pray that the senior managers at my work can be open, honest and encourage the members of staff from the heart so that people can enjoy what tends to be the majority of their life.

In God's Love


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Interior Silence

The divine intimacy book that I have been reading throughout advent has some really powerful lessons within its pages.

The lesson that I read last night talks of a need to create an interior silence within our souls so that we can listen to God effectively. We are surrounded by so many distractions that leak into our minds and divert our attention from what is really important.

This interior silence will be a hard habit to create within myself as I always struggle to empty my mind and think of nothing but God. I see the benefit's though and will be trying to foster this. Practical ways include creating an exterior habit of silence by talking in a sensible way. That is, to say only what needs to be said and to listen to others rather than being ready to jump in with your own opinion.

Controlling our tongue is a difficult habit and by this I don't just mean stopping swearing. I mean curbing our rambling and anything that may offend. By listening to others we can learn to be able to listen to God in our souls and let him in. I am really aware that when I get carried away with talking, to the extent that I have talked about the same thing over and over again, I don't feel close to God and I feel a little empty.

By listening and responding in a short and appropriate way to anyone we speak to, we can become more aware of God's presence within ourselves and create this interior silence needed to listen to what God wants us to do. An intimate union with God is our goal and this is one of many steps to take in trying to achieve this.

Joyful Christmas to all.

In God's Love


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy Holidays - Get Real!!!!!!!!!!

May I start by hoping that everybody who reads this post has an extremely 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS'!!!!!!!!!

I have seen all sorts of hype around this new 'holiday season' over the years but unfortunately it's getting stronger. We are supposed to avoid upsetting people by saying happy holidays instead, so that we can include everybody. Tripe!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is welcome to be included in having a Happy Christmas anyway. We don't exclude anybody at all and neither does Jesus. Let's hope that this doesn't become a real political matter and that people can see sense. I/We respect all other celebrations in other religions and I have never met anybody from a different faith who it offends.

I have to say that if saying 'Happy Holidays' is a way to try and not offend people, it bloomin well does!!!!! I feel highly offended by this devaluation of our second most joyful celebration in the Christian calendar. It's Christmas and always will be. Fact. End. Nothing more to say. Rant over.

(and as a footnote, how would we ever begin to change all of the cheesy Christmas music that has been created over the years. 'It's HOLIDAY TIME' mistletoe and wine', 'WE wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAY and a happy new year'.)

In God's Love

Wishing you a Joyful Advent


Friday, 2 December 2011

The Dead Book

I have started visiting the graveyard in Hoyland on my lunch and praying for those who are buried there. At first I felt a little strange but now I am getting used to it The world around me seems to stand still while I pray and imagine what the lives of these people must have been like. The first few graves I have come across are married couples and I find this really moving. I pray that these people are united in heaven through the redemption they received when they married. I can feel that the ears of the most glorious Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary listen intently as I pray for these people who have died.

After praying today I walked straight to church where I ate my lunch in the porch and then went to sit in and pray. I prayed last night that I would know what to do in order to live in God's presence entirely. The image of the tabernacle was the first thing to flash into my mind and I knew that I needed to spend more time in church with Jesus. I can not believe I have never thought of doing this on my lunch as it is only 10 minutes walk.  I felt peaceful on my dinner break for a change and knew that I have to do that regularly.

I would be happy if people were to send me names of people who have died and been close to them, I have started my dead book as outlined in a previous post and will say the rosary for all in it on a regular basis.

In God's Love