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Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas - Far from over

The hype and festivities have subsided and people seem to have forgotten we are still in Christmas celebration mode. The next celebration placed in front of people is the New Year.

Christmas is far from over and the joy of Christmas day should be carried on into the new year and beyond. I must admit, on a superficial level I feel a disappointment when Christmas day has gone as I enjoy the time it brings with my family and of course, the two Christmas dinners that I get to taste (my mums and Amy's mums) I won't tell you who's was the best.

I have to remind myself that we have entered the Christmas period and we need to keep the joy of the season. The mystery of the nativity is still very much and alive and the three wise men are on there way to honour the son of God as we should also be doing.

The preparation that we undertook in advent should also stay with us throughout our lives as we not only make ourselves ready for the coming of the son of God, but also for his second coming. I keep this in mind in all that I do so that I am aware my life needs to be ordered to God's will.

I do hope everyone continues to celebrate Christmas and enjoys it.

In God's love


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