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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Dead Book

I have started visiting the graveyard in Hoyland on my lunch and praying for those who are buried there. At first I felt a little strange but now I am getting used to it The world around me seems to stand still while I pray and imagine what the lives of these people must have been like. The first few graves I have come across are married couples and I find this really moving. I pray that these people are united in heaven through the redemption they received when they married. I can feel that the ears of the most glorious Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary listen intently as I pray for these people who have died.

After praying today I walked straight to church where I ate my lunch in the porch and then went to sit in and pray. I prayed last night that I would know what to do in order to live in God's presence entirely. The image of the tabernacle was the first thing to flash into my mind and I knew that I needed to spend more time in church with Jesus. I can not believe I have never thought of doing this on my lunch as it is only 10 minutes walk.  I felt peaceful on my dinner break for a change and knew that I have to do that regularly.

I would be happy if people were to send me names of people who have died and been close to them, I have started my dead book as outlined in a previous post and will say the rosary for all in it on a regular basis.

In God's Love


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