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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy Holidays - Get Real!!!!!!!!!!

May I start by hoping that everybody who reads this post has an extremely 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS'!!!!!!!!!

I have seen all sorts of hype around this new 'holiday season' over the years but unfortunately it's getting stronger. We are supposed to avoid upsetting people by saying happy holidays instead, so that we can include everybody. Tripe!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is welcome to be included in having a Happy Christmas anyway. We don't exclude anybody at all and neither does Jesus. Let's hope that this doesn't become a real political matter and that people can see sense. I/We respect all other celebrations in other religions and I have never met anybody from a different faith who it offends.

I have to say that if saying 'Happy Holidays' is a way to try and not offend people, it bloomin well does!!!!! I feel highly offended by this devaluation of our second most joyful celebration in the Christian calendar. It's Christmas and always will be. Fact. End. Nothing more to say. Rant over.

(and as a footnote, how would we ever begin to change all of the cheesy Christmas music that has been created over the years. 'It's HOLIDAY TIME' mistletoe and wine', 'WE wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAY and a happy new year'.)

In God's Love

Wishing you a Joyful Advent


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