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Monday, 19 December 2011

Working Relationships

There is no doubt that honesty and encouragement are important when it comes to having an enjoyable and fulfilling work atmosphere. When we feel like somebody is holding something back from us it can lead to allot of worries.

I have experienced, recently, a lack of encouragement at my work which has lead, ultimately, to me being unsettled. All it would take is a regular piece of encouragement and I am a very loyal worker. Take the encouragement away and you may as well be working with a blindfold on, seeing no fruits of your work whatsoever. The atmosphere that is fostered at my work is a 'do as I say' atmosphere. I firmly believe the only way to work is through a 'do what you do, because you want to do it' atmosphere and this is where encouragement from the heart comes in. I, as a manager, understand that everyone has their different motivations. People have to want to work and if they are running scared from a strict manager, this will not help.

I find myself in a constant struggle, being a middle manager, to work with people who have totally different outlooks to myself. I want to be kind, encourage my staff and help them to find their motivation so that they can enjoy coming to work. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to deal with any situation where people don't put any effort in. The question has to be asked 'Why are they not doing this?', not, how can I discipline them.

Of course, generally, I should do as I am asked to do but I cant do this when it treads on the toe's of my firm beliefs and gets in the way of doing God's will. I will pray that the senior managers at my work can be open, honest and encourage the members of staff from the heart so that people can enjoy what tends to be the majority of their life.

In God's Love


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  1. I have been on both ends of this problem. Receiving orders like this and feeling angry at the boss and then giving them myself when the pressure is on. Lord have mercy on us all! I always feel terrible when I have barked out demands and expected instant blind obedience so it is clearly not the way to go but I am so weak at times and still revert to this pattern when under pressure. I have a prayer on my phone which I like to say before work but rarely get up early enough to do so. I am sure if I can get into the habit of saying it my working relations will be much more in keeping with God's holy will. Here it is,

    Prayers to St. Joseph
    For Workers

    St Joseph, by the work of your hands
    and the sweat of your brow,
    you supported Jesus and Mary,
    and had the Son of God as your fellow worker.

    Teach me to work as you did,
    with patience and perseverance, for God and
    for those whom God has given me to support.
    Teach me to see in my fellow workers
    the Christ who desires to be in them,
    that I may always be charitable and forbearing
    towards all.

    Grant me to look upon work
    with the eyes of faith,
    so that I shall recognize in it
    my share in God’s own creative activity
    and in Christ’s work of our redemption,
    and so take pride in it.

    When it is pleasant and productive,
    remind me to give thanks to God for it.
    And when it is burdensome,
    teach me to offer it to God,
    in reparation for my sins
    and the sins of the world.