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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year - New Me

I am not a huge fan of the 'New Year - New Me' craze that hits the world on January the 1st every year.

As much as I use this as an opportunity to improve myself spiritually, I can see too many people who use this time and, only this time, as a time for renewal. Losing weight, drinking less, going to the gym or spending less money are all common resolutions that take place and because they are not undertaken for the Glory of God, they tend to fail and last only for a short while.

In the Church's calendar there are many opportunities for spiritual renewal. This is something we should be doing all the time. Every day before I go to sleep I look through my day and see the area's of weakness in my life (spiritually) and make an act of contrition. This daily renewal and resolution is the way forward and, with God's help, we can make resolutions that last forever, not just for a couple of weeks.

Yes, my weaknesses return often, but that's why I have to undertake a resolution every day and not just once a year. With God's help and doing God's will, we can progress spiritually and become all that God wants us to be.

So less of the 'New year, New me' and more of the 'New day in Christ, New me in Christ'.

I hope everyone is having an excellent Christmas and we look forward to celebrating the Epiphany!!!!!

In God's Love


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