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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Open and Honest

I have never been shy to tell people when I have a problem with them. However, sometimes I just forget to bring an issue up or sometimes I can be too lazy too. This always makes a problem worse and lengthens the time it takes to get over the issue or problem.

I can see that it may be daunting to tell somebody that you may have a problem with them but I can never rest when I know that something has to be said. This can be a positive and negative quality as it can get me into deeper water but I feel it promotes honesty and I never find it easy to lie (thankfully)

I have recently had some issues with work and family life which have had to be resolved through a brunt 'let me tell you whats on my mind' scenario and they have been difficult. The reward is the understanding and peace that follows and this for me will always be the way forward.

Honesty brings peace......excellent.

In God's Love


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