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Friday, 23 March 2012

Manuel Barcia's Catholic Bashing

I have recently written a short piece about a gentleman called Milo Yiannopoulos who has inspired me recently into being more outspoken. He tweeted back to me that he was grateful for my comments. He is very welcome.

I want to talk a little about the gentleman mentioned in my blog title, after reading his article 'Catholic Church Must Change Stance on Same-Sex Marriage'. If you, as myself, would like to have a chuckle and let your blood boil a bit then please have a read

Manuel seems to use the same sex marriage debate as a platform to launch into an attack on the wrongdoings of the Catholic church over the course of history (I am glad he hasn't got an in depth report of my wrongdoing's or I would never be able to forget them).

I am so glad I am from an institution that brainwashes you into being forgiving. Manuel digs up as much dirt about the Catholic church's history as he can fit into his misguided column. He has quite a few pops at our most amazing outspoken gem of a Cardinal, Keith O'Brien. Cardinal O'Brien apparently likened same sex marriage to slavery which, if you actually read, you can see he is using the slave trade to make a good point about the repercussions of such a law change. He in no way likens the slave trade to same sex marriage but some how Manuel twists this to form a story in which he can then go on to drag up events in the Catholic church's history. He is after all an historian and this is what he does best.... pah!!!!

I would just like you Manuel, if you can, to see that the Catholic church has an obligation to speak out about such issues. The government are obliged to listen as there are many good people in society that come from this 'vile institution'.

In God's Love, praying for Manuel


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