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Monday, 12 March 2012

'Right to Die' Tony Nicklinson

It's very rare that I write about controversial subjects but here goes.

Being an extreme pro-lifer and a Catholic I am firm in my convictions that nobody has the right to die. I have just seen a news article about Tony Nicklinson who is going to try and get the law changed so he can have a doctor help him to die. Tony has 'locked-in' syndrome which I have an amazing amount of sympathy and compassion for. He is suffering greatly because of this syndrome and he wants out.

I really hope that the law is not changed as we need to defend life in all aspects with a most extreme passion. This man wants to die but if he was allowed to, this would set such a dangerous precedent for others and the scope for other such assisted suicides would broaden. There seems to be less and less value for Human life/dignity and allowing Tony to legally have someone kill him is not a solution to his condition whatsoever. I really hope that Tony can get some good counselling and find a way to get some enjoyment/reassurance from life.

Anybody who sympathises with Tony would surley not want to see him killed as this is not and can not be the answer.

I will be praying for Tony in the hope that he will turn to God and seek the magnificent consolation's that could come from dealing with his condition.

May God bless you Tony and give you a new mind to receive the graces from the Holy Spirit.

In God's Love


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