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Thursday, 8 March 2012

SPUC Youth Conference 2012

The SPUC Youth conference took place last weekend and I was privileged enough to be right in the thick of the action.

The speakers were absolutely amazing. Fr Andrew Pinsent gave a brilliant talk on Human dignity which captivated the 160 delegates that travelled to Rotherham from places as far as Spain, Faroe Islands and Malta. The Charismatic Australian character who is Fr John Fleming gave a 'flaming' good talk on marriage and its connection with being pro-life. We also had great talks from Fiorella Nash of SPUC and Dr Anne Carus of Life fertility care. The list goes on of prestigious speakers who inspired all those present.

The conference was an aboslute joy to be part of and the youth that attended inspired me and moved me. We had a little time, between the excellent business session's, to relax. SPUC's got talent took place on the saturday evening and many people took part by showcasing their various talents. A 12 strong Spanish contingency took to the stage to make us feel like we were in the centre of Barcelona.

John Smeaton, SPUC National Director, seemed very enthused by the conference plus the amount of attendees and it was really overwhelming to see his joy at such a wonderful occasion.

Hopefully the conference has inspired a young generation of pro-lifers to go out and take action to try and win this battle..............and win it we will!!!!!! I hope that next years conference can be another step forward as this event just gets bigger better each year.

In God's Love


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