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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Concern at Vatican's Silencing of Irish Priest - Don't be Concerned

Have a look at this piece from the BBC website.

I wouldn't be concerned about this, as this priest's opinions are not in line with the Catholic church's teaching who speak as Jesus reps on earth through direction of the Holy Spirit. This priest has no right whatsoever to voice opinions that differ from this. I wonder why this priest became a Catholic in the first place and his understanding of Church doctrine is the part which seriously concerns me.

We are One Church, Holy and Apostolic. If the same rules are not adhered to then the Vatican has every right and indeed, duty to investigate and silence the critics from within.

I pray that Fr Flannery will take a responsibility for his own actions and try to promote our faith and the truth instead of pushing against it.

In God's Love


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