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Friday, 20 April 2012

Family Unit

We are defending the family on so many levels at the moment and we have to be resilient against all the attacks. The Holy family is our inspiration and we should always be trying to create this strong unit for the glory of God.

From same sex marriage to an overall re-definition in society, the traditional family values seem to be disappearing, or are they??????

I am aware of many large Catholic families that lead the way and are a shining example in society. These families, just as my own, have a front line battle to take part in for God.

Bigger families seem to be heckled these day's with people laughing and joking about not being able to afford protection. The fact is that they are doing God's will perfectly and this is sometimes not easy but the rewards are very very great.

Let's always remember the following and grow, grow, grow in every sense ,as a family.

'Happy the man who fills his quiver with these arrows, they will have no reason to dispute with their foes in the gateways'

In God's Love


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