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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How to profit from your faults

The latest book I have been reading is a really positive book regarding sin and God's mercy.

Jospeh Tissot goes into depth on the teachings of St Francis de Sales who is a truly inspiring character. Sin doesn't have to and indeed shouldn't weigh us down so much. The sinful man is the one being called by God to holiness and Tissot explains this using some great quotes which not only comfort but motivate me highly to be who God wants me to be even after offending him very much.

I have committed many faults in my short life and it's easy to feel that 'surley God can not forgive me for these'. This thought comes from the devil and really doesn't respect God's infinite mercy for us (which in turn offends God more) We must remember how merciful he is and how wide his arms are ready to embrace us after each fall. His arms open wider to us than before and he is ready to embrace us more tightly when we repent and run back to him.

The temptation to wallow in self pity is always there after committing sin. We can retreat into ourselves and hide in a corner away from our creator. This is wrong. If we commit a sin we are to confess sincerely and move on, God will not hold it against us if we repent and running back into his light, burns off the stain caused by this sin.

If there is one thing I have taken from this book it is not to be discouraged. Yes, sin halt's our call to holiness but we can still continue on the same path and glorify his name if we trust in him and remember his mercy which knows no bounds.

In God's Love



  1. That was an encouraging one!
    Often, I get caught in this guilt-ridden feeling which makes me feel so so unworthy..but I guess just like the Prodigal son's father, our God just opens His arms wide with haste to welcome our home- coming.

  2. Thank you for your mercy Lord. Thank you for your comment Ruth, it is encouraging, hope you can read this book.

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