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Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Friend The Athiest

I have a friend who is an atheist and it's a great pain to me that he continues to see this way of life as superior to that of following Jesus and glorifying God.

Although I don't see him as often as I like, when I do actually see him, religion is often the topic of conversation. I have always tried to find the best method of trying to convert him and put the good news into his heart but some people are just so stubborn. I would definitely go so far as to describe him as a militant atheist. Being a fairly new militant atheist, I find it simple to answer his verbal punches about my religion. There are, however, some answers that he will just not understand. Is there any point in going in to the supernatural when he won't even entertain the idea? God is all around us and when you recognise this fact, its really obvious that God is the orchestrator of everything.

Richard Dawkins is a really big guy in his life as well as the late Christopher Hitchins. Richard Hawkins, in particular has allot to answer for in my mind. I am not the supreme judge, thankfully, but he has led so many people down the wrong road and stirred up a hatred for Christianity and in particular, Catholicism. His flawed arguments are built on this hatred and sometimes it seems like he will say anything to win an argument. This has rubbed off on my friend who has this arrogant and extremely rude way of talking about religion. He is highly disrespectful to the truth that I know and lacks an enormous amount of trust in my judgement which really does hurt.

Recently my friend said to me 'Sam, you are one of the best people I know, why must you put this down to your God, why can't you just admit that it is all your own doing and that you are good because you make yourself good'. Now, the sneaky compliment didn't do allot to sooth the blow of my friend saying there is no God. I explained to him that without God I am nothing, without God I would be in a really bad place. God is constantly dragging me out of the depths of Hell and only with his mercy and intervention can I hope to stay out of this dark place.

My friend the Atheist is simply missing out and I will continue to be a good example whenever I have the opportunity. Whether he realises or not, the goodness that comes from Jesus shines through his heart on many occasions and he just needs to recognise this. My answer to him always is 'My friend, don't fret, Jesus loves you'.

Please pray for my friend and all atheist's conversions, wouldn't it be great if Dawkin's converted, what a witness to God he would be with truth and reason on his side.

In God's Love



  1. May God bless you dear Samuel for your efforts!
    I used to shy away from what you are doing but when I experienced the tremendous and unexplainable love of our Jesus, nothing stops me from telling everyone that I am a Catholic.