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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Last Month

It may seem a little strange but before now I have lacked the spiritual energy needed to blog.

After comitting a sin that I have had issues with for a while now, I just needed to retreat. So I did, I retreated not from God but from the world and it has benfited me alot. In sin there should be no retreating from God as he is the only remedy but it always, as previously mentioned, produces a humility that makes me quiet and pulls me away from general affairs.

A couple of things have come to light over the last month in my life:

Work - I am a little fed up at work so I have taken the decision, after consulting the Lord and my family, to look into undertaking a degree in Divinity through Maryvale institute with the long term idea of being a Catholic RE teacher (again as previously mentioned) Work is not giving me anything I need (satisfaction) but more importantly I don't believe it's giving God anything that he needs from me anymore.

Prayer - I have got into a better routine with prayer and have been able to find quiet times throughout the day that I never knew existed (that devil of a TV tricking me) So I feel God is near to me at the moment.

Drinking - I have decided to take 3 months off a very bad habit of mine in order to offer this sacrifice for the soul of my friend who died a while ago 'Sean Aitkens'. May he be welcomed into your eternal Kingdom Lord.

These are a couple of very positive things that are happening and I feel a great sense of peace. I have to remember though that this is all for God and not for my own happiness (note to self : must have obedience and humility).

All Glory to God

In God's Love


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