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Friday, 2 November 2012

Gods Revelation

I am currently working on my first essay for the Divinity degree and reading into how God reveals himself and Why.

God Reveals himself in the following ways:

  • Natural Religion (In the Human person and Creation)
  • Salvation History - Old testament, New Testament in the Divine revelation

The transmission of God's revelation falls to the Catholic Church. (ok maybe my essay has to be a little longer than that but I will pad a little!!)

Studying God's revelation is slowly opening my eyes to how absolutely perfect God's plan for us is.

I seem to have no time for anything but study and family, what better to spend my time. It's a huge challenge as I am not academically minded but for the glory of God I am willing to take it on. An essay is due every month now, 8 per year and I will be doing this (God willing) for 5 years. Even after 5 years I will still know just a snippet about our faith. I could study it for a long lifetime and I would still be left with answers.

God is a wonderful mystery. I was in a pit of darkness with my soul on the brink and Jesus is always there with his hands stretched out just waiting for me to open my eyes and hold on tight so he can pull me up to light of his truth.

All glory and honour and power and victory to you almighty Father, forever and ever!!!!

In God's Love


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