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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Conclave Thoughts

Thoughts on the Conclave

For anyone wondering, yes I do still exist in the world of blogging.

Before I begin my thoughts on the conclave I would like to update you on my current situation. Having started the course at Maryvale in October, I really thought there was no time in my life for anything else. My wife and I had another child just to make things a little more challenging. The time to do essays is hard to find but I am just about managing to study philosophy during the five minutes when everyone else is sleeping.

Now to the conclave. My overwhelming feeling is one of excitement as the chimney is erected over the sistine chapel. The historical moment we are about to witness is immense and it's a privilidge to be able to watch it unfold and be a part of this Holy tradition. Seeing the cardinals gather together gives me hope, not for a failing Church, but for one that can grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the hands of the next Pope. Pope Benedict, was a wonderful Pope and such an excellent example to the younger generation of how to live a prayerful and faithful life. The former Pope certainly had his effect on me and enabled me to have the confidence to study theology when I thought I just was not the right person for it (I may still not be the right person, the Holy Spirit makes anything possible).

It really strikes me at this time how much the media know about the Church. They report on each Cardinal to see if, in their eyes, he will be good enough or if the people love him. The fact is that in the secular dominated media nobody will like the new Pope if he is a witness to the truth and if they did like him, I for one would be worried. Take Cardinal Oullet as an example. I have read so many negative articles where his witness to the truth is reported as his downfall and weekness. It also seems as if his Bishops have no support for him either as some among them look for ways in which to ride the tide of seculrism.

This is a time for truth, not just for the new Pope but for all Catholics. The truth is not easy when it speaks out against injustice and sin. Bishops, Priests and my fellow lay men, let us be strong and courageous in telling the truth that comes from God. When popular demands push us to agree with sinful ways let us tell satan to get behind us, for he has seeped into the fabric of society and has pitted our fellow brothers against us.

In God's Love with enormous Hope


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