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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Selective Hearing of The Young

First of all let me assert from/the outset that it is not my intention to be a patronising adult that says 'in my day.........' My day wasn't long ago but unfortunately has just about passed. The Young Catholic is approaching 30 this year and feels the age gap more than ever between teenagers and those like myself who went through it in recent history.

specifically it is my intention to make some observations about recent experiences with young people. Having been young very recently I understand that with this age comes a certain amount of a care free attitude. Some things become more important with experience. Its hard to communicate without being accused of being patronising but sometimes you really do just feel like slapping someone with an extremely wet fish to drive the message home. Worryingly I have this to come with my children, which should present a challenge which I can imagine is frustrating. The worrying thing that I have observed lately is that the young ears I have surrounding me do seem to be extremely deaf to any sort of wisdom. I am far from wise myself but knowing the all wise creator enables me to give advice which I know for sure is sound and most importantly, truth.

I am not in the habit of handing out copious amounts of advice but it sometimes leaves me speechless at how much young people do not care to ask themselves the more important questions in life. The culture of drink seems to have a strong hold over the young. As the weekend comes near its all about going out and getting intoxicated as I also did in my younger days. It seems in this way that people seem to make the same mistakes without listening to the advice of their elders. No doubt drinking too much is not a positive thing, but everyone does it so why would people want to stay in when there friends are out clubbing. This is one example but the deafness of the young is frightening. Not only do they fail to heed advice or ask themselves questions which may deepen their knowledge of their existence, but they are numb to any kind of conversation which challenges their minds.

I am concerned that my children are to grow up in this/pleasure seeking society where money is more important than building/nurturing virtue. We are weak human beings and so its no surprise, really, that people make the same mistakes, but as someone who has started to learn, its highly frustrating to see.

Let us pray for the young, that they may remain pure and learn the wisdom of God, hopefully before they make mistakes, but if not, quite soon after. May God guide them closely and wrap them more and more in the spiritual cotton wool needed today.

In Gods Love


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